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North Pole Ski Expedition – The Adventure of a Lifetime

Arctic ski expedition to the North Pole


If you dream of a unique polar expedition where you get to travel to the North Pole then our North Pole Ski Expedition is absolutely the arctic expedition you need to tick off your bucket list.

From our Barneo Ice Camp undertake the final leg to the Pole, about 66 miles, by skis and on foot. On a typical day you’ll encounter freezing temperatures, 5-10 meter high pressure ridges, and open leads of freezing cold water, making the experience anything but, well, typical. At the Pole, celebrate with other intrepid adventurers from around the globe.

13 nights
North Pole
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From £44,995
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Long days, arduous conditions and difficult terrain. Sound like fun? We think so! Our North Pole Last Degree Arctic Expedition is the most popular Polar Expedition and an adventure in every sense of the word. Become a polar explorer, Ski to the North Pole.

This is an arctic expedition with a difference, travelling across the dynamic polar pack ice requires patience and agility, not to mention a flexible attitude to deal with the many diversions that pop up over the course of each day. From open water “leads” to huge pressure ridges, there are many obstacles on this expedition that make reaching the North Pole all the more satisfying. This expedition begins in the remote, yet modern village of Longyearbyen, Norway, well above the Arctic Circle at 78 degrees north.

Only completed by a handful of people each year, this once in a lifetime ski expedition to the North Pole is at the top of any adventurers expedition list.

Most team members participate in our polar training and they arrive feeling well prepared and excited for a great journey. We plan for one day in town to review your equipment, ready our kits and take care of last minute details. From Longyearbyen we’ll make our way to approximately 89 degrees north latitude via a charter flight and possibly an additional helicopter lift.

Depending on conditions and the time of our arrival we’ll either set up camp or strap on our skis and sleds and head off toward our goal – the geographic North Pole.

Skiing 7-10 hours a day over the dynamic pack ice, we’ll encounter many challenges and breath-taking scenery. If conditions are good, our route will take us across large pans of flat ice that present few obstacles. When conditions are less than ideal, we’ll have to manoeuvre around open water “leads” and over pressure ridges that can range from 1-5 meters in height. Families and friends can follow your daily progress and send you messages via an online expedition blogs. As with all of our expeditions this is a “hands-on” experience. You’ll be participating in all aspects of the expedition, including setting up camp, cooking, tracking our progress, etc.

Draft Itinerary:

Our expedition to the North Pole is a once in a lifetime, bucket list experience. Due to the nature of polar expeditions, the itinerary may vary from that listed below.

Day 1

Meet in Longyearbyen. Transfer from airport to hotel. Unpack gear and relax. Opportunity to explore Longyearbyen. Welcome reception and dinner.

Day 2

Final equipment review, warm-up ski near Longyearbyen. Pre-flight briefing and transfer of all kit to the airport for weigh-in and pre loading.

Day 3

Fly to 89 degrees North latitude, strap on skis and head North!

Day 4-11

Ski north towards the Pole! Days are spent skiing and taking relatively short breaks. Evenings are spent setting up camp, preparing meals and relaxing with fellow expedition team members.

Day 12

Arrive at the geographic North Pole! Enjoy a Polar celebration with champagne and plenty of photos. Call home and share the moment with friends or family! Camp in the vicinity of the North Pole.

Day 13

Pick up by charter helicopter and fly back to 89 degrees. Board return flight to Longyearbyen. Hot showers and celebratory dinner!

Day 14


We also offer 1/2 degree and 2 degree ski programs as well as dog sled assisted packages – please contact us for details.

Contact us about what skills you should have prior to the expedition, and what skills you will learn prior to our departure. Our Polar training is an ideal way to learn all the skills that are necessary for an expedition of this magnitude.


What continent is the North Pole on? – It’s not, it’s not a continent because there is no land.


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