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This year, you may spend a night inside a cracking ice cube, within the winter shelter of the midnight sun, or gently embraced by the old, wise oak. Other suites feature dancing ballerina auroras, thought-provoking abstract concepts about life and love, and interactive, playful designs at the intersection of art and technology. The artists who come up with suite ideas never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

In total, 34 artists from 13 countries have spent an intense couple of weeks in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, to create the 29th annual incarnation of the ephemeral hotel that is entirely made out of ice and snow from the free-flowing Arctic river Torne.

  • ICEHOTEL is entirely made of snow and ice from the Arctic Torne River, Sweden’s largest national river.
  • The annual hotel is built over 12 weeks October – January, only to melt back to the river in April.
  • The total amount of ice used by the hotel equals 10 seconds’ water flow in the river Torne.
  • The iconic chandeliers hold 1 000 ice crystals sculpted and mounted by hand.
  • The main building material is “snice” (a mixture of snow+ice). 30 000 cubic meters of snice – that’s the equivalent of 110 million popsicles – are used for the floors, ceilings and walls of the hotel.
  • Out of 150 applications, 15 teams are selected and invited to create their suite concept.

Here are some of the new rooms:

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Since 2017, a permanent ice and snow experience with 20 rooms and ice bar is available in Jukkasjärvi. Inside ICEHOTEL 365, the design also changes every year and runs on solar power in the summer months.  ICEHOTEL is more committed than ever to sustainability and in the past year, ICEHOTEL has been awarded two sustainability certifications, the Nordic Swan eco label, and Arctic Sustainable Destination.