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FCO Update: Sweden

FCO Update: Sweden

The FCO have updated the travel advice for the following countries: Sweden


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated the travel advice for Sweden with updates to the Safety & Security (Road travel) and Local Laws & Customs sections. Safety & Security (Road travel) – addition of information on safety (eg seat belts); Local Laws & Customs – addition of information on children. The relevant extracts of the advice are below for your reference:

Safety & Security

Road travel
In Sweden everyone travelling in a car is required to wear a seat belt. Children who are shorter than 135cm must use a special protective device – either a baby car seat, child car seat, booster seat or booster cushion. All long-distance buses are equipped with seat belts, which passengers are required to use by law. Bicycle helmets are mandatory for children under 15 (but not for adult cyclists). It’s illegal to use a mobile phone in your hand when driving.

Local Laws & Customs
All forms of physical punishment of children have been outlawed since 1979 in Sweden. Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce legislation of this kind. Any public action with the potential to be interpreted as physical punishment is likely to, at minimum, attract strong criticism from on-lookers.

The overall level of the advice has not changed. There are no restrictions within the advice.

View the travel advice in full here: