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Report: Hannah’s Trip to Kakslauttanen

Report: Hannah’s Trip to Kakslauttanen

I can see why this resort is the world’s most famous glass igloo resort, it is phenomenal. To say this is a once in a lifetime experience is an understatement, from the beauty of the location to the high standard accommodation, to me this was truly an all-round perfect experience. Before I started working at Arctic Direct I didn’t have much knowledge on Kakslauttanen and it wasn’t on my bucket list, but now I have been to the resort and if I had known more before-hand it would have been at the top of my list! Kakslauttanen is in a secluded location surrounded by a landscape of beautiful forests covered in snow, which looks magical and perfect for someone like me who thrives on being in the outdoors and exploring!

Husky experience:

Husky sledging is by far my favourite activity, not only because I am a dog fanatic but because the thrill of this trip is beyond belief. I loved being whizzed around in the snow on the back of the sled and seeing the dogs in their element and them being able to enjoy what they love the most, working hard and being in the snow! It is a two-person sled, and you can either sit back in the sled and enjoy the ride or take control and drive yourself. I would recommend experiencing both so you can take in the beauty of your surroundings but also being able to drive and mush the dogs! You may be nervous to drive at first like I was, but that feeling will soon go and you will be awestruck!

Snowmobile/ice fishing experience:

My experience of snowmobiling was awesome, it was combined with ice fishing. We took our transfer to the centre to get geared up in our suits and receive training of how to drive the snowmobile and we then headed off into the wilderness to drive across a frozen lake where we found the perfect location for ice fishing. Your experienced guide gives you a step by step demonstration of how to drill into the ice and set up your rod ready to fish, and then you get stuck in yourself! – And trust me it is harder than it looks! We then had a delicious lunch in a log hut next to the lake by an open fire before we then set off again on the snowmobiles. On the way back we were lucky enough to come across a herd of wild reindeer which was really a great end to the trip!

Aurora reindeer experience:

Unfortunately, as I stayed at Kakslauttanen at the end of the Northern Lights season so I didn’t get a chance to see the lights on this activity I only had a glimpse of them on my first night. – it’s just the luck of the conditions on the day.  I can’t wait to go on my next adventure to the Arctic in hunt of seeing a beautiful long display. Regardless of not seeing the Northern Lights this was still a fantastic activity where we travelled through the wilderness being pulled on a sleigh by reindeer. We stopped of half way and had some hot drinks round an open fire in a Kota and then set off again to finish the rest of our adventure.